Instructions for Making Chaga Tea

For very potent tea, just put 3 heaping tbsp. (1/4 cup) of  Chaga  tea bag or small chunks (1/4 cup of chunks) into a 2-liter (or 2 quart) pot of water and steep on low on your stove. (We use our glass coffee pot filled to the 12 cup level)  on a low setting for 7 to 10 hours. (Do not Boil) Then strain your tea through a fine strainer or cheesecloth (not necessary if using tea bags). Drink hot or cold! This makes enough tea for three days, drinking 4 cups a day. Once you brew your first pot of tea, you can either brew another 12 cup pot immediately using the same tea bag (or chunks or grind) or you can put your tea bag or lose Chaga chunks or tea grind into a baggy and freeze it until you are ready to brew your second pot. 

 Chaga also makes very good iced tea. 

Many people are now using their Crock Pots to brew the tea, I think this is a very good method of getting the most out of your Chaga.

Chaga is very mild in flavor, so you can add lemon & honey (and now my favorite natural sweetener is Pure Maple Syrup) to flavor it or a sprig of mint (Fresh mint is a good energy booster).

Try mixing Chaga tea half and half with beer for a refreshing drink! Or make Chaga Ice Cubes from your tea to add to your favorite summer drinks or for those Smoothies.


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