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Fiddlehead Heaven's New Chaga ThermO Tea Bags

Chaga ThermO Tea Bags
Chaga Chunks
Process your own powder 
or tea grind, or use them as is, any way you want.
1 lb. makes 480 cups of tea.  Cost per cup? .06 to 10 cents per cup!
1/lb. will last one person a min.of 4 months!
NOTE: 2 lb. + "Bulk" bags contain larger Chaga pieces than what's in the 1 lb. or less bags.

Turkey Tail Mushroom

The Turkey Tail mushroom  is to date the first medicinal mushroom that the FDA has funded for research in the fight against both Breast Cancer & Prostrate Cancer and other types of Cancer.  We again are the first to offer  you the real wild Turkey Tail (ground) from the forest, just as Mother Nature intended! 7 to 24 grams is recommended per day according to clinical studies.

Bag Sizes
1/4 cup Chaga Tea Bags
Ready to brew
1-1/4 cup tea bag makes 24 cups of tea.  20 tea bags makes  480 cups of tea.

Cost per cup?  .06 to .10 cents per cup!

20 1/4 cup Chaga Tea Bags will last one person a min. of 4 months!
Chaga Tea Grind
Make your own tea bags, any size you want, or just throw a measured amount into a pot of water as is.

1/lb of tea Grind makes 480 cups of tea. Cost per cup? .07 to .10 cents per cup.

1/lb. will last one person a min. of 4 months!

Chaga Mushroom Powder

We recommend the powder for making Tinctures or other extracts & for making Capsules with our Capsule Making Machine, but not for tea as it is a one time use without the benefit of a second brew like the tea grind or chunks.  
Please note that we do not use any kind of machinery to process our products due to risk of contamination or loss of important nutrients being lost due to the heat that is caused by using  these machines. So our powder may not be as fine as the Powder produced by using those high rpm machines.

Dried Morel Mushrooms

Wild edible mushrooms are our specialty. The Grey and Blonde Morels are the prize mushroom for any gourmet chef worldwide.

Morel Mushrooms

Our Newest Chaga Product For Pets

Carla's Special Chaga Blend

                  All Natural 3 Blend Pet Supplement

Chaga Blend For Pet's

Capsule Making Machine

Make your own capsules with our easy to use Capsule Making Machine using our pure powders or use with your favorite herbs at home

Capsule Making Machine
Empty Gelatin Capsules

These are size "0" empty caps or 500 mg.  One 500 mg capsule would be equal to one cup of Chaga Tea.

Empty Gelatin Capsules


"Maritime Canada is known for the bounty of the sea and the richness of our farms but we are also blessed with world class hunting grounds for wild mushrooms. This richly detailed book details the thrill of the hunt and is an invaluable resource for anyone keen to kick off an edible treasure hunt!"

Chef Michael Smith (Chef Michael's Kitchen, Food Network Canada)

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